Multisite Language Switcher Simple, powerful and easy to use

About, help & license

More and more often, I have to install WordPress in several languages. There were basically two solutions for creating websites in more than one language on WordPress:

  • either install WordPress for every wanted language,
  • or use one of the plugins available for multilingual blogs, like WPLM for instance.

When WordPress 3.0 was issued, including the multisite feature (allowing the creation of several blogs within one single WordPress installation), I then indicated that the time had come to offer a third solution – solution which still today, seems the most valid to me. In reality, the only thing that was missing then was the possibility of managing the relationships between posts and their translations.

In February 2010, surprise! The news occurred: WPML had become a commercial plugin. With qTranslate, WPML probably remains one of the most interesting solutions for businesses that appreciate the integrated translations features.

However, it was for me the right time to work more intensively on the third solution and to create the Multisite Language Switcher plugin.

Help and donations are welcome

I thank in advance those who are willing to test the plugin and/or describe the encountered problems during the use of Multisite Language Switcher. I will be happy to receive any message containing ideas or suggestions aiming to its improvement.

If you are really eager to thank me, here are a few ideas :

  • Write an article on the Multisite Language Switcher plugin.
  • Post a link to the plugin.
  • Send me your opinion so that the project can improve.
  • If you prefer to thank me with money, I suggest that you make a donation to Greenpeace or consider donating items from this Amazon Wish List.


The flags are already included in the compressed file. In a sub folder are .PNG format icons made by Mark James whom I thank for his super work!

In addition I would like to thank Jürgen Mayer for creating the plugin’s banner.

Last but not least I’d like to thank Françoise Lhermitte for his help with the translation into English.


Multisite Language Switcher is Open Source and, to be more precise, is distributed under GNU General Public License Version 2. This means that the plugin can also be used in a commercial surrounding.

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