MslsAdmin Administration of the options
MslsAdminIcon Handles the icon links in the backend
MslsAdminIconTaxonomy Handles backend icons for taxonomies
MslsBlog Internal representation of a blog
MslsBlogCollection Collection of blog-objects
MslsContentTypes Supported content types
MslsCustomColumn Handling of existing/not existing translations in the backend listings of various post types
MslsCustomColumnTaxonomy Handling of existing/not existing translations in the backend listings of various taxonomies
MslsCustomFilter Adding custom filter to posts/pages table.
MslsGetSet Generic class for overloading properties
MslsJson Container for an array which will used in JavaScript as object in JSON
MslsLanguageArray Stores the language input from post
MslsLink Link type: Image and text
MslsLinkImageOnly Link type: Image only
MslsLinkTextImage Link type: Text and image
MslsLinkTextOnly Link type: Text only
MslsMain Abstraction for the hook classes
MslsMetaBox Meta box for the edit mode of the (custom) post types
MslsOptions General options class
MslsOptionsPost Post options
MslsOptionsQuery OptionsQuery
MslsOptionsQueryAuthor OptionsQueryAuthor
MslsOptionsQueryDay OptionsQueryDay
MslsOptionsQueryMonth OptionsQueryMonth
MslsOptionsQueryPostType OptionsQueryPostType
MslsOptionsQueryYear OptionsQueryYear
MslsOptionsTax Taxonomy options
MslsOptionsTaxTerm Tag options
MslsOptionsTaxTermCategory Category options
MslsOutput Output in the frontend
MslsPlugin Provides functionalities for general hooks and activation/deactivation
MslsPostTag Post Tag
MslsPostTagClassic Post Tag Clasic
MslsPostType Content types: Post types (Pages, Posts, .
MslsRegistry Registry instead of singletons
MslsRegistryInstance Class MslsRegistryInstance
MslsSqlCacher Wrapper to avoid direct SQL without caching
MslsTaxonomy Content types: Taxonomies (Tags, Categories, .
MslsWidget The standard widget of the Multisite Language Switcher